Welcome to Yoram Levy Yoroptic , the center for advanced optometry

Yoroptic was established in 1987 in order to meet the demand for excellence in service and product quality.

At Yoroptic, you'll find advanced and innovative technology; all available in order to provide you with an eye exam that will exceed your expectations. In addition to a thorough objective exam, we cater to visual field testing, corneal topography, Retinal camera and measurement of intraocular pressure with state-of the art equipment. 

The myriad of equipment available here provides us with a multi-faceted picture of each patient; while letting you enjoy sharp, comfortable and functional vision. Among these include Ipropiler imaging, Aberometry and corneal topography, non-contact tonometery, FDT visual field analysis, auto-refraction, anterior and posterior segment imaging, as well as an analysis of current functional vision and visual potential.

We believe in our ability to best understand each patient's visual potential.

Yoroptic  is associated with multiple universities and advanced academic settings globally in the field of optometry. This includes areas such as pediatric visual and learning difficulty, geriatric optometry, contact lenses, Low vision and various other ocular diseases. This allows for a dynamic and multi-faceted approach for any kind of visual issue, as well as the benefit of receiving the most up-to-date treatment available.

Yoroptic boasts a professional and efficient staff that will guide you through the exam and procedures performed. Professionalism and quality service are the standard at our practice. 
Optometrists employed at Yoroptic are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Helath and are experts in their fields.  

We look forward to including you as part of the Yoroptic family. 

Services we provide at Yoroptic:
1.    Advanced and comprehensive eye exams
2.    Fitting of custom made contact lenses, made according to individual ocular build and corneal topography
3.    Fitting of Ortho-K lesnes (an alternative to laser surgery)
4.    Keratoconus contact lens fittings
5.    Orthoptic evaluations and vision therapy using HTS technology
6.    Treatment for myopia regression post laser surgery
7.    Visual perception exercises for dyslexia
8.    Ocular exercises for Neurovision
9.    Sports vision therapy for athletes looking to improve their visual potential and reaction time
10.  Sophisticated optical QQ as well as a contact lens laboratory
11.   Specialty in Low vision exams and fitting of custom made Telescopes and hand held devices.

Products available at Yoroptic:

1. A wide range of trendy spectacle frames, chosen specifically for their high quality, advanced and light material, and hypo-allergenic "nickel-free" titanium
2.  Thin spectacle lenses incorporating impact and scratch resistance, as well as  top-of-the-line anti-reflective coating.      Spectacle lenses sold at Yoroptic are made in Germany by Zeiss, Rupp&Ubrach, Optilex ab Sweden, Norville, Medikon, Knecht&Muller Switzerland , a companies known globally for producing lenses of high optical quality and extreme optical ranges, special filters sun glases UV protection, Dust and glare protective lenses,Lazer radiation protective lenses special Multifocal or single lenses for Pilots, Diver Sport and Ski are our experties, challange us. 

Questions are welcome! Contact us via email at  info@yoroptic.com